School of Intuitive Herbalism

Learning from the plants directly

At the School of Intuitive Herbalism we (tutors and students together) are actively pioneering a training in herbalism that is highly plant and student centred. It asks us to work from our embodied truth and meet others in their theirs.

It is unique in many ways – both outcome and curriculum are developed through a dynamic relationship of the school and each apprentice – our aim is to honour the unique soul journey of each person and as such no two outcomes will be the same.

We nurture the thread of each student’s fascination and support them in identifying and passing through their own initiation thresholds, initiations that each student is guided to¬†by the plants themselves.

So many of us have been conditioned by top down education it is often hard for people to realise what this approach really means – it means charting your own course in unknown lands, it means realising the fear and magnitude of fully engaging with your own truth, it means patiently listening to the wild until vision reveals itself, it means surrendering to the wisdom of the plants, it means putting your trust in your peer group to really see, believe in and support you, it means finding you own inner navigation tools, your confidence in yourself as a healer and it means finding a truth that lies hidden in the dynamic between you and every being you come into relationship with.

As you probably realise – these are unique herb courses. They are courses for those seeking a deeper truth from nature, those questioning the root causes of illness and how they relate to the human condition, for those who feel the herbs calling and feel their call tug at their heart. These are courses for those who want to be able to understand each plant’s medicine from their own direct experience and share this wisdom to inspire others.