School of Intuitive Herbalism

Learning from the plants directly

Please note: We ask that everyone attending classes first reads ‘Intuitive Herbalism‘ (library copies available once booked on a course, or else available to buy from by clicking on the link above)

The next round of applications will be open for the first two weeks of September 2020 – this will most likely be for any courses in 2021 and early 2222. If you applied more than two years ago and would like to keep your application active, drop us an email through the contact form and we will refresh your application. If you would like to apply in September, email us to ask to be added to the reminder list – we will send out the application form to those on this list at the end of August.

Classes 2020 entry level classes … these are a pre-requisite for any other class.

● January 2020 – Subtle bodywork and Reiki full

February 2020 –  Subtle sensing (part two of the Subtle bodywork or for those with some experience)  – full

●  Three day introductions 2020 June, August, and October 2020 – we will be offering places (during Jan – March 2019) to those who have already applied or who apply during January 2020.

* We read through all applications forms and offer out a couple of places each week in a period several months (4 – 9) before the course starts. We often have more applicants than places meaning that we randomise the offer of places to try and be as fair as possible. Applications are generally held for 2 years, and if need be this can be renewed easily by sending us an email.