School of Intuitive Herbalism

Learning from the plants directly

Please note: We ask that everyone attending classes first reads ‘Intuitive Herbalism‘ (library copies available once booked on a course, or else available to buy from by clicking on the link above)

Applications for 2022 classes have now closed. If you have applied previously and would like your application to be kept active, simply email us at ruskin.apothecary  <at>

2022 updates

On the application form we have added two new options as well as our core offerings of Intro / Immersion / Foundation / Training:

(1) A new blended learning online/zoom/one day in person class starting later this year.

(2) The option to be a case study for a current student, which is a great way to dive deeper into this work in a 1:1 way.

(3) A new 2.5 day class in May with Nathaniel and Susie Ro: Alchemy of song and plants … letting the plants guide our voices.

* We read through all applications forms and offer out a couple of places each week in a period several months (4 – 9) before the course starts. We often have more applicants than places meaning that we randomise the offer of places to try and be as fair as possible. Applications are generally held for 2 years, and if need be this can be renewed easily by sending us an email.

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