School of Intuitive Herbalism

Learning from the plants directly

Feedback from students and fellow explorers in the soul and plant realms ( Snapshots going back 13 years! )

I am still stunned by how deep we went with the plants and one another in just three days! It feels like a transformational experience, opening doorways into new ways of perceiving and being. Your approach is revolutionary, astonishingly creative and hugely valuable. Jenny (2017)

Woke up this morning too excited to meditate. I feel like I’m coming alive after a long period of feeling stuck and quietly dying. Feel passionate about my life as, I think, never before. Sort of quietly passionate but not ungrounded, but do feel that I’m about to take off in a rocket and not sure where it will land – but I’m pretty sure it’ll be amongst the flowers. Am aware that this may be a post-profound experience euphoria but something’s changed – I think its a deep sense of accepting myself, less need to hide and an inner joy that’s coming to the surface. Steve (2017)

This course was a space for experiencing my full humanbeing-ness – in relationship to myself, others and of course the plants. It was choreographed at a pace where I can experience, reflect on experience and apply in an intimate and safe environment those safe encounters – and I recognise that that has been the experience of others. So what has built up over the week is a culture of human sensitivity, humanness, human fullness that is highly generative and naturally healing. The whole experience is one made possible through good thought, a supportive team and an understanding of the importance of beauty as a threshold to opening up desire for change. Flora (2017)

I awoke full of tender warmth for our magical circle – I have so much gratitude for the time we spent together and I too feel the stirrings of real change which I am loving into being. Deborah (2017)

Wow thank you!!! The whole week has felt magical and my heart has been opened to all those beautiful plants. I feel so grateful and in love – I really appreciate the work you are doing. Fee (2017)

I just wanted to say thanks again for the last few days. It was all inspiring and enlightening and the last journey was especially powerful for me. I think what you do is amazing, and I’d love to come and work with you again. Laura (2017)

Thanks again for an utterly magical few days. I’m seeing the world with new eyes ever since. You most definitely created a sacred space Nathaniel. Magic happened. I felt instantly at ease with all of you, thank you for being so open, warm, accepting and full of love Kate (2017)

Thank you for such a wonderful and deep few days – I love the way you teach, it is sacred, light hearted and wise all rolled into one. As I went to bed that night I still smelled the sweet grass all around me and the end of the nettles on my arms made me feel still connected to all of you; it all lives on in me and is a great deepening. Rowan (2014)

I wanted to thank you for the enchanting course, it superseded my expectations and the booklet you sent later solidified what we had done on the course and so much more. Trudy (2014)

When I saw the flyer for the 2014 courses I felt like I wanted to do it all again! There is such a huge depth to this study you could keep on exploring deeper and deeper. Emily (2013)

When I started the course I had the idea I was going to learn about herbs. Now I know it is more about me allowing myself  to be changed by the herbs. Sam (2013) – Foundation

‘The class was brilliant because Nathan involved us from the start and made us experience for ourselves instead of telling us what we ‘should’ experience  or know. He worked on all our senses by touching and feeling the plant then he created the glorious smells. Once again he didn’t tell us what to expect but asked us to find out for ourselves from the experience we were having.

He carried us through the various stages in a very relaxed and calm way and gave us time to let the experience reach us deep down. Very masterly because he spoke with great wisdom. My scientific background can make me quite doubting about a lot that I hear from various people but Nathan worked from what was ‘your’ experience which I think was the only way to really reach me. An excellent experience.”    Bernard (2012)

‘Like a depth charge in my soul’ Nick (2011) – Foundation

‘The Intuitive Herbal Course has been a special time. I have been able to nurture my intuitions and beliefs, connect with nature and gain valuable experience working side by side with the herbs.’  Sue (2010) – Foundation

‘This course is an awe inspiring and joyful adventure into the realm of plants. Nathaniel’s profound and empathetic understanding of both the plant and human kingdoms makes him an inspired teacher and companion on this in-depth journey’   Mary (2009) – Foundation

“Hugely enjoyable + has altered my perception of experiencing plants + herbs. When I left I dug up a small Lady’s Mantle and have re-potted it at home. I have become hysterically attached to it and became quite distressed the other day when I didn’t think it had enough water! Clearly I have reached new heights of madness since my brush with you meditative types….!”  Janice (2006)

“I learned so much about the preparation of herbs into tinctures, creams, oils etc….your approach made us very “at home”……all in all, it was a very valuable experience. I liked the intuitive approach and respect and love for the plants”  Sue (2006)

“Very inspirational + a huge amount of knowledge covered (and hopefully gained!).”   Fiona (2006)

“Absolutely loved it !!! Enjoyed both the content, teaching and the pace. It has really opened my eyes and I am very keen to build on this knowledge”  Collette (2006)

“It was a real treat to be able to learn from someone who exudes such enthusiasm for the subject….in a genuinely holistic way.”  Sian (2006)

“Excellent. Loved the practical aspects of it and I learned far more by doing and seeing that reading any of the books…I just need to spend a good deal of time doing more….”  Anne (2005)

“Entering the world of herbs and treatment the way we did in the courses brings a deep feeling of connectedness to nature and it’s offering to bring healing to mind, body and spirit. Nathan has a gift to help us to open up to the inner wisdom in each one of us.”  Hannah (2004)