School of Intuitive Herbalism

Learning from the plants directly

Welcome to a page devoted to free resources emerging from the School of Intuitive Herbalism.


Interview about Intuitive Herbalism with forager Robin Harford

Podcast: Walking out with intention

A candid reflection on Obstacles on the path for plant explorer

Podcast: Overview of Sabotage mechanisms

Interview exploring Mugwort with Natasha of Forage Botanicals

Meditation: Guided tea meditation

A very straightforward Marigold meditation on youtube

Resources for exploring Embodied trauma

Research links related to the ‘Adverse Childhood experience‘ study

May plant ID quiz!

A really useful discussion exploring the underlying philophy of the school drawing on the language of the three jewels within Buddhism – the Buddha, the Sangha and the Dharma.

Strength in equality – building inclusivity through equity and diversity

An overview of our pedagogy – for educators and herbalists who would like to learn more.

A short video describing why Rose is such an important plant at the school.

Clary Sage – a short film with an exploratory dialogue with apprentice Emily Taylor


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