School of Intuitive Herbalism

Learning from the plants directly

Three day introduction to Intuitive Herbalism


This course has been developed as a way for people to access some of the material I work with on the one year course, but in an introductory three day immersion. It can be taken as a stand-alone course or as a lead-in to the Foundation or Immersion classes. All classes are taught by Nathaniel, often with one apprentice co-facilitating.

Over three days we will develop skills such as:

– Slowing down to plant speed

– Development of heart and body centred communication with plant ( developing skillfulness in somatic and emotional awareness + expression )

– Techniques and theory (or practice for those experienced) in liminal journeying and conscious dream work,

– The art of listening to the body (somatic / body wisdom)

– Understanding the significance of internalised – somatic trauma and the medicine within this

– Develop skill working with your own process / internal shadow-work

– Understanding health as fundamentally linked to our broader cultural ecosystem, and the impact of systemic trauma and discimination within this.

– Discerning intuition from projection, instinct, emotion or thought.

– Listening to the landscape and the relationships between us, plant and landscape

– Finding the edge of meeting within yourself and your ‘growing point’ with each plant

– Working with touch with deep listening and a functional framework of consent (we work with wheel of consent here)

– Understanding how to, and the value in, commiting to a plant for a moon cycle

– Becoming familiar with common ways people get lost / tripped up / disassociate / plateau in this work

– Developing our own council of plant allies

In the course we combine outside work, journeying, tasting, pair/group work and practical medicine making skills.

The time is fairly equally balanced between direct work with herbs and inner work to develop our ability to work with herbs.

This class can be a stand alone introduction to help stimulate your own exploration of herbs, or it can be the first of an ongoing exploration you may like to do with other courses we offer. We will tend to prioritise places to those who are considering the entire Insight Herbalism training, but at this stage no ongoing commitment is needed 🙂

See Dates + Payments for further details – please only pay a deposit once we have offered you a place!

This page gives a slightly different take on the skills we aim to introduce in this class.