School of Intuitive Herbalism

Learning from the plants directly

Our six day immersion will be held in July at Stroud Slad Farm, based in a 24 foot Yurt in the stunning Slad valley and set in the 140 acres of Stroud Slad Farm where our healing herb garden is based.

The class will run from Tuesday to Sunday, with Tuesday as an arrival and grounding day. The course is fully residential with camping and food included. Camping can be either near the Yurt, or for those keen to dive deeper, in the farm’s quiet Beech woodland where you could set up a hammock/Bivvy/small tent.

This will differ from the Introduction classes in that we will presume a certain level of experience and commitment to weave this work into your life. The immersive nature means that it is possible to go deeper on our individual journeys.

There will be a supported lead in process with guidance/meditations in advance and email support where you are invited to work with a plant of your choice in the month or two before the class. This means that we can better address your questions / intentions for the work when we meet. We also intend to offer on-line follow through in the months following the course.

These immersions can be taken either as a follow on from the Introduction class or, if you have some prior experience of healing/journeying/innerwork/herbs, as a way of deepening your connection.

The content will be similar to the Foundation year, with a rich blend of plant meetings, bodywork and journeying whereby we both strengthen our ability to connect to plant consciousness and ground the experience in our bodies. For me this integration of spiritual and physical is absolutely core to my work since I believe that experiences in the realm of pure consciousness have far more value when we can properly integrate them into our lives.

I will be co-facilitating the immersion with one of the apprentices on the 7 year programme.


For information on dates and financial exchange click here.

If you would like to apply please fill in the application form during one of our application windows (January 1st – 14th), or if you have any questions contact me here.

This course is ideal for people already exploring or working in healing/shamanism/psychotherapy etc. and are looking to develop their skills to be able to share with others. Examples would be: 

– Existing pratitioner (e.g. acupunturist / therapist) wanting to explore how working with plant consciousness can enrich their work

– Someone commited to but just starting out in their training as a healer/therapist and wanting plants to be part of the process

– Those who have done the Introduction class and want to keep exploring

– Herbalist trained in medical model wanting to develop the more intuitive and spiritual aspects of their practice

– Bodyworkers interested in deepening their subtle-listening skills and understanding how this can relate to plant consciousness.

– Educators / teachers / facilitators who would like to understand plants better themselves so as to be able to introduce and facilitate deeper plant meetings with their students


We’re happy to issue CPD certificates if this work fits with your professional requirements.